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                                  Need a custom puppet of yourself for a show, or video??? Or maybe, you need a unique gift??? Well now you can have your very own affordable custom made puppet created of yourself, or a loved one, from any photo. Simply make your purchase, then send us an email with a photo of the person you choose to have made into a puppet, and we'll do the rest! Also, your puppet is full body with legs and remove-able footwear! Each Full bodied puppet (with legs) is approximately 32 inches tall.   Each puppet comes with a remove able outfit, that is similar (not identical) to the outfit in your photo. Each puppet also has pose-able fingers! If you would like to change the skin tone, to a colorful Muppit -Style, No problem, we have a variety of colors available. Once you make your purchase, send us an email, and let us know the color of your choice. Makes A GREAT GIFT for any special occasion!!!! The entire process takes 30 business days, or sooner! Send your photo's to Arm rods are sold separately. We Will NOT accept any orders, for character duplication, nor will we recreate any existing copyrighted characters! (Need your puppet fast??? No Problem! We offer Expedited 7 day character completion and "Rush Delivery" Service below!)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 




"My Lil' 'Twin Look-a-Like Custom Made Professional Puppet"



"Rush Delivery Service"

"Arm Rods"